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Dr. Larman's ABCD Tutor Reviews
A Sample of Letters, Reviews and Surveys We Have Received Over the Years from Parents, Students and Grandparents

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I get A's on all my math test now...February 2018

Very nice, enjoyed working with you...June 2017

Thank you for the time you took with Dillon! ...May 2017

Gabby has more confidence which has brought academic success! ...January 2016

Ms M Taylor, my son's tutor was excellent! I highly recommend her and your organization...May 15, 2015

The tutor was awesome! She was patient, professional and engaging...March 26, 2015

Helpful with multiple subjects. Helped self confidence too...February 26, 2015

Recent report card for a Dr. Larman student...November 19, 2014

My son absolutely loved his tutors. His confidence is just amazing...October 17, 2014

It has been an extreme pleasure in having my son attend...October 2, 2014

A happy Dr. Larman's tutoring program student...September 19, 2014

Promoted to Fourth Grade!...June 11, 2014

Fourth grader shows great improvement on report card...June 18, 2014

Third grade report cards is proof...June 4, 2014

Gabby enjoys your tutoring program...May 6, 2014

I highly recommend Dr. Larman to any parent looking to help their child...June 3, 2014

Matthew has shown an improvement in just six weeks. Reading level went up 5 levels...April 9, 2014

Jenna's Progress Report...April 4, 2014

Lea is making excellent progress already...March 27, 2014

Helped to raise math and reading grades...January 8, 2014

Exceptional company to work with, great help in AP Calculus...January 8, 2014

I recommend Dr. Larman's tutoring program...December 9, 2013

I had tutoring for the SAT for three weeks, scored well above...November 5, 2013

Passed GED with only 14 hours of tutoring and practice testing...November 19, 2013

My daughter has completely turned around her confidence with her education...October 4, 2013

Kiambe (the tutor) is professional yet very personable...September 26, 2013

Dr. Larman's tutoring helped build confidence...September 13, 2013

Please let Nick's tutor know he received an "A" in college algebra at BCC...August 8, 2013

My son's physics and pre-calculus grades increased from D's to A's...May 21, 2013

Dr. Larman's tutoring company is a very professional and caring facility... July 24, 2013

Gabriel loved his tutor... July 15, 2013

Taylor (our tutor) was great with Noel and we appreciate all her hard work... May 22, 2013

Helped to raise math grades in geometry... June 12, 2013

Lea was able to go to 4th grade after passing FCAT...June 10, 2013

Dr. Larman has a great staff of tutors...June 3, 2013

Dr. Larman's one-on-one tutoring helps build confidence...May 14, 2013

Helped to raise my Math grades...May 14, 2013

Marianne has been wonderful with Lea, and Lea has improved so much...May 1, 2013

Outstanding one-on-one tutoring...May 2, 2013

I recommend Dr. Larman's tutoring program...April 10, 2013

My tutor did a terrific job...March 28, 2013

Angela turned into an A & B student...March 8, 2013

I think Dan and Lukes tutoring made a huge difference...January 30, 2013

My son got the foundation he missed in school...October 11, 2012

Parent survery for student...August 16, 2012

Thank you so much for your great help in preparing Pierce for first grade...August 10, 2012

Feedback letter for 8th grader...May 29, 2012

Brevard County Private School letter...March 2012

Parent survery for student...May 2, 2012

Parent survery for student...May 2, 2012

Dr. Larmanís tutoring company has been a Great Asset for my granddaughter Tayler...February 23, 2012

We have recently assessed Tyreek on Reading Comprehension...November 4, 2011

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